Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Review | Tatcha Ritual Discovery Kit

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A few years ago I reviewed the Tatcha Sampler Set, and today I have an updated review to share because the kit has been greatly improved and it is still as amazing as before! This is the Ritual Discovery Kit ($59.00), which you can now custom select for your personal skin type. I chose the Dry kit, because we all know my face has desert dry tendencies (although I believe the sensitive kit would have catered well to me too).

The kit includes PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil Travel Size (25ml), INDIGO Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder Travel Size (10g), RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum Travel Size (10ml), SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream Travel Size (10ml). Depending on which skin type you select, the Rice Enzyme Powder samples will vary from Soothing, Classic, Gentle, and Deep. In my honest opinion, the Rice Enzyme Powder is the highlight of the kit - well actually I think it's the all-star in the entire Tatcha line, but I've been obsessed with it for about four years now, so I might just be biased (I have a full review here).

The Camellia Cleansing Oil (full size is 150 ml, $48.00) is luxury to the max! I like to use two pumps in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and then smooth it over my dry skin. I can apply it over a face of makeup to break it all down for removal, or on a bare face - either way, I prefer to massage it into my skin dry for a while, then I'll wet my hands and continue massaging my face (gently!) for a couple minutes. Sometimes if I have extra dryness or texture, I'll grab my Foreo Luna and do a session with the cleansing oil still on my face. After it is all rinsed off, my skin feels instantly quenched and supple, it is majestic. The best cleanser I have ever used - and one I can confidently recommend investing in. It is life changing when you start using a cleansing oil compared to drugstore cleansers that can easily be too abrasive on the skin for daily use.

The Brightening Serum (full size is 50ml, $185.00) is lovely, silky smooth on the skin, hydrating without an oily/greasy feel. Some days when my skin is having a good balanced day, I'll just apply the serum after cleansing and call it a day. It is lightweight yet hydrating, without the feel of a lotion on the skin - which is why I love it so much! Too many serums I've tried in my lifetime have a residual texture or tackiness left behind, but the Brightening Serum is clean and pure, no residue, no trace whatsoever. I have noticed that my skin reacts fabulously to the serum, always looking fresh and radiant, which is surprising because this serum is without shimmery particles, as most serums tend to throw in for aesthetics. The Tatcha serum does the magic, I don't question it. This is a serum worth repurchasing, oh, and before I forget, I'm still using this travel size months and months after receiving it, one pump is all I need for my face and neck. I don't know when I'll actually finish it... maybe by the end of the year ;)

Lastly, the Moisture Rich Silk Cream (full size is 55ml, $150.00) - GLORIOUS! It literally feels like creamy silk on the skin. I use about a Quarter size amount for my face and neck, I use it very sparingly because even on my desert dry skin, this Moisture Rich Silk Cream is legit moisturizing! If I use too much, my skin will gladly let me know it's had it's fill with an extra dewy complexion. So, again, with this Silk Cream, a little goes so far. I love to use this morning and night after my cleansing routine, and even if I use it on top of the Brightening Serum, it treats my skin so well. I always look hydrated and healthy. I can honestly say that when I don't use this cream, my natural dry flaky skin starts to peek through. I think that is the point that really sold me on the cream, my skin just loves it and looks its best when I use it. I've stated in the past that the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is my go-to moisturizer, and it is amazing stuff, but the tiny bit of SPF it has really starts to irritate my skin after a while - I have to be very careful where I can and cannot place it on my face. The Silk Cream is gentle and effective, so it's become my favorite child in my little skincare family.

In conclusion, I still love and recommend the Tatcha Ritual Discovery Kit for those that are on a budget and really love luxury skin care, for those that are new to Tatcha and want to sample a few things in one bundle, and for those that are on a skin care journey trying to find a solution to their skin issues - Tatcha is all about true and pure care for the skin, delicate and hardworking - hands down, the best skin care I've ever experienced and lusted for.

*Fun Fact* This is the third Tatcha sample set I've gone through! It's a great gift to give to someone special, the sizes are very generous and long lasting, plus it is a great value considering the full sizes are a pretty heavy investment for those of us on a budget.
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