Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review | ELF Mattifying Blotting Papers

Who remembers the $1 blotting sheet packs from ELF? I sure do, I still have a few backups in my stash drawer. Recently ELF has released the new and much improved Mattifying Blotting Papers ($5), which is a plastic compact that includes 25 blotting papers, a full size mirror, and an adhesive sponge applicator that truly makes this product unique from other blotting sheet packs out on the market.
"These innovative blotting papers are infused with translucent powder to help mattify skin and absorb oil without disturbing your makeup. The unique sponge applicator's design makes touch-ups easy and helps leave skin looking refreshed and shine-free. The chic portable case is perfect for all your daily or on-the-go beauty adventures!"

Over the years I have experience my fair share of oil blotting products, and I've always had one issue with blotting papers - trying to avoid paper-cutting my face while blotting around delicate areas. To my surprise, the ELF Mattifying Blotting Papers, mainly the included sponge applicator have greatly impressed me! The sponge has a ribbon on one side to slip your fingers into, and on the other side is a tiny pad of adhesive paper sheets. You peel off the top layer to expose the adhesive, press the sponge onto a blotting sheet in the compact, it picks it up and makes blotting soft, cushiony, and actually very easy to get around the nose, eyes, mouth - all those areas I sort of found awkward to blot with other versions of this type of product.

The Mattifying Blotting Papers have a very light dusting of translucent powder to leave a matte finish on the skin, whether you blot you face with or without makeup, you'll always look fresh and shine-free. The powder has no scent, an even bigger plus for my fellow scent-sensitive beauty lovers. I never did like those scented blotting sheets.

You can already tell I love this product, and $5 does seem a lot for blotting sheets, but I think the unique packaging and applicator really increase the value for me.

After Image: I used this sheet to blot my makeup-free face.

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