Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review | Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

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Who loves brows? I love brows! (let's be honest, what don't I love in the beauty department? LOL!) For the past couple weeks, I've been exclusively using the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencils ($32) in Ash and Natural Black. These are a mechanical design, aka twist up, with a handy spooly brush end for grooming. This will sound silly, but I really like the quality of the spooly brush, it is sturdy and soft so it efficiently blends out the pencil application while keeping brow hairs tamed. The pencil tip has a unique triangular shape - takes a little getting used to, but holymoly it is very useful! I use the very tip for my tail ends, creating fine hair-like strokes, the widest angle to fill in the random bare spots inside the body of the brows, and the long edge to straighten the base of my brows and accentuate the top arch.
"Buildable formula combines powder, pencil and wax to create the look of naturally fuller, defined brows in one easy step."

I started out using Natural Black because I love a good black-brown that can match my dark hair and dark lashes, they describe this shade as "darkest brown to black". After a week or so, I tried Ash, and I do actually enjoy it. It is a "gray/dark brown with cool undertones" - which is perfection for a "daytime brow" look.. or we could call it more of a natural look. Well, now I'm using them both, Ash for the body of the brow, and Natural Black on the bottom edge and arch. I LOVE wearing them together, they give a whole new breath of life to my brows.

The wear time is terrific, lasts all day without smearing or splotching, with and without a brow gel to set. The packaging is very luxurious, there is no rattling and the caps are secure and tight enough to make me feel reassured the pencils won't dry out. Overall, I absolutely love the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencils, and if you have the budget, I definitely recommend them. They offer 9 shades; Platinum Blonde "lightest cool blonde/platinum", Blonde "light to medium neutral blonde", Warm Blonde "dark blonde/strawberry blonde", Auburn "medium to deep red tones", Soft Brunette "light to medium cool brown", Warm Brunette "warm medium brown", Dark Brunette "deep brown with warm undertones", Ash "gray/dark brown with cool undertones", Natural Black "darkest brown to black".