Monday, November 07, 2016

"You Are What You Put In and On Your Body"

In August, I attended the Face & Body Expo for Northern California in San Jose, and among the numerous educational seminars was one that really resonated with me. The seminar was titled Glow From the Inside Out - How food & lifestyle choices are reflected in the skin, with speaker Ginger Hodulik, Vice President of research and development at DermaMed and also a Certified Nutrition Specialist with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nutrition. I made sure to take extensive notes because I knew this was a topic I wanted to share with you all.

We all remember learning in school that our skin, the epidermis, is the largest organ, weighing more than any other organ in the body, accounting for 15% of your total weight. One inch of skin holds 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, 60,000 melanocytes, and 1,000+ nerve endings.

The epidermis is the outside protective layer, comprised of keratinocytes (epidermal cells that produce keratin), melanocytes (mature melanin-forming cells), and langerhans cells (antigen-presenting immune cells).

Monday, September 19, 2016

Review | Cozzette Infinite Eyeshadows

Cozzette is a brand that I have followed and admired over the years, but it wasn't until recently that I finally had the budget to splurge a little on some brushes and, on a beauty rush at The Makeup Show, I spontaneously purchased their newest line of Infinite Eyeshadows. These shadows initially grabbed my attention with their vibrant and alluring array of colors and textures - and then I touched them!! All of a sudden I found myself blurting out "okay, how much to buy all the shades here?!" *gasp* Thankfully, they were offering a discount at The Makeup Show, so I saved a good chunk of money on this colorful investment ;)

The Cozzette Infinite Eyeshadows are an impressive formula of smart ingredients with purpose and performance, excluding the common unsafe ingredients present in most eyeshadows. Jojoba oil is used as a binder in the formula, which is my BOF (Best Oil Forever!), because it is a natural ingredient that is good for the skin for hydrating and nourishing. The eyeshadow pans say "vegan" on the back label, however Cozzette does not market as being a "vegan brand", rather they identify with "cruelty free consciousness".

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Review | ELF Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove

Today I have a very quick review on the new ELF Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove ($10), it arrived over the weekend, I washed my makeup brushes that evening and completely fell in love with it!
"This convenient and portable silicone brush cleaner has multiple textures to clean both large and small brushes. Use the larger round texture to lather and wash larger brushes for deep cleaning. Use the wavy texture to cleanse and rinse the brushes along with helping straighten hairs. Use the smaller texture to cleanse and refine smaller brushes. There’s also a small and large brush slot to help straighten brush hairs and to hold brushes to dry after cleansing."

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Event | Face & Body Spa Conference & Expo - Northern California (San Jose)

[press pass acquired]

The Face & Body Spa Conference & Expo (Northern California, San Jose) is an event for industry professionals; estheticians, masseuses, and students. Face & Body offers educational seminars, product and technique demonstrations, as well as an open expo hall to shop and network.

I have personally attended the Face & Body event twice in the past, as a guest with my masseuse friend, and both times I have walked away satisfied with knowledge on ingredients and new techniques within the industry. This year, I was provided a press pass to attend the event in San Jose, on both Saturday, August 20th and Sunday, August 21st (the event continued on Monday, August 22nd with even more classes and expo hall access).

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Event | The Makeup Show San Francisco Pop-Up Shop

This past weekend my favorite cosmetics show of all time, The Makeup Show, did their second year of the San Francisco Pop-Up Shop. I attended on Saturday, and probably had the best experience I've ever had at one of their shows.

The Pop-Up Shop in SF is smaller than their normal show, it was held at the Hyatt Regency, in the downstairs Pacific Concourse meeting room. I did attend last year's show, but for various reasons, I did not enjoy it (which is why I never mentioned it on here). However, this year's show was amazing! The layout was more spacious, with smaller booths and (I think) more vendors, plus they had a seminar schedule for both Saturday and Sunday. If you didn't already know, TMS seminars are my guilty pleasure every year - industry professionals are on stage to share their wisdom, advice, stories, and demonstrate some of the hottest trends and products.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Review | Billion Dollar Brows - Brows on Point Micro Pencil & Brow Powder

[press samples]

Over the past month and a half I've been receiving many compliments on my brows, and aside from slightly rounding my arches more, I've been using some new products that I'm very excited to say have been and probably will be my go-to products! I'm talking about the Billion Dollar Brows Brows on Point Micro Pencil ($16.00, 4 shades) and the Brow Powder ($18.00, 4 shades). Billion Dollar Brows is a brand I've featured before on my websites when I reviewed their Best Seller's Kit ($35.00) which you can read HERE. However, these two products are very new to me, and even better than the Best Seller's Kit items, in my honest and personal opinion :)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Review | ELF Precision Sponge Trio

I have a pretty exciting rave review to share with you all today. This little beauty sponge set is the new ELF Precision Sponge Trio ($12.00), a set of three sponges in different sizes - I like to call them large, medium, and small. If you remember the pink beauty sponge they launched a while ago, I had such high hopes for it but it turned out super stiff and chemical scented - I now use it for crafting to be honest. When I purchased the sponge trio I was really hoping these would be better than the stiff pink one - and boy oh boy am I impressed!! The Precision Sponge Trio is amazing, and I can tell you all right now, you must add them to your cart next time you order from the ELF Website! You will not be disappointed.
"The durable, latex free material allows for a controlled used for flawless application and blending. Three sizes enable precise application for all areas of the face and can be used with cream, liquid, and powder makeup. Use the small size around small areas like the eyes to blend in concealer. Use the medium size for applying color like blush or bronzer. Use the largest size to apply foundation. Reusable and washable."

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Chit Chat: The Stanford Survivor

This morning I saw a link on Buzzfeed sharing Vice President Joe Biden's open letter to the woman survivor of the Stanford sexual assault and rape trial. His letter was warming to read and while I already admired the man, I respect him even more now. I hadn't read the woman's statement prior to reading Joe Biden's open letter. I have only read headlines I saw on Facebook, but I was restricting myself from reading about the actual trial and details. His open letter made me feel like she deserved to have her statement read, no matter how much I personally was scared to hear it.

I have been sitting here at my desk, reading her statement, through blurred vision from tears of empathy. From her statement, I admire her determination to grasp the last emotional strength she has to endure the trial while fighting to live a life, not normal, but also not alone.

It is heartbreaking that this woman had to be a part of this whole situation, but it is also heartwarming that she chose to spend every ounce of energy she had to fight for justice.

So many woman are assaulted and raped and never report or even utter words of it. They suffer with the residual internal agony of shattered innocence and security in this disgustingly evil society where women are fuck-objects for men to look upon as they please, touch as they please, and defile as they please... all without any serious fear of incarceration.

I have been assaulted numerous times since I was a little girl.
I have been raped three times in my life.
I have been beaten and blamed for what has been forced upon me.
I have been deserted by those I thought I could trust because apparently it is believable that I would allow or even entice such things to happen to me.
I have been suffering with undying images that haunt my subconscious, of every sickening act that has been done to me.
I have been fighting to suppress and hide the random moments of crying I seem to fall into every month of my life.
I hate to watch movies or shows that include gratuitous sexual harassment, molestation, sexual assault, rape, etc. - all for ratings and drama and money - it belittles what actually happens to women around the world on a daily basis.

I never imagined to share my personal demons on the internet. It's so hard to live with, and even harder to say it outside of my own mind.

Reading this woman's statement had me thinking that if every victim never said anything, would the world believe it really does happen as often and as close to home as it honestly does?

It absolutely angers me and disappoints me that the sentencing of the Stanford sexual assault and rape trial was so unapologetic and so insulting to the devastating seriousness of this entire situation. As if women and men, girls and boys, are not already terrified and ashamed to admit they are victims of sexual violations, now they can feel that even the justice system won't stand up for them.
When I was assaulted and raped, I never told anyone. I always felt that it would be useless anyways seeing as I didn't have proof or witnesses. And now, even with proof and witnesses, this man gets off so easy.

We can only pray this will be rectified.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Review | ELF Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadow

Wow! I love these ELF Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadows ($4.00) so much!! They are nicely pigmented, easy to apply/build/blend, and they are so reflective - somewhere between a high shimmer and metallic. I have been absolutely obsessed with wearing them, so easy to apply and wear with almost every eye look. My favorite look is wearing Rose Gold all over the eyelid, all on its own. I find it so refreshing and easy to do when I'm tight on time but want to look pulled together. I just throw on a little liner and lashes and grab a bright pink lip color to complete the look.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Review | ELF Aqua Beauty Blush & Bronzer

Does anyone remember the old school cream blushes from ELF? They were kinda bouncy and squishy, yet they picked up the perfect amount of color and blended like butter. Well, I'm pretty sure the Aqua Beauty Blush & Bronzer duos ($6.00) are the upgraded version I've been waiting for. These have a similar bouncy feel and pick up color so rich while still having superb blending and building power.
"This hydrating blush-and-bronzer duo gives skin a radiant looking glow, thanks to cushiony color that’s infused with Purified Water and Vitamin E. Blend the complimentary shades across cheekbones for a gorgeous, dewy flush. This formula has a soft touch, bouncy, cushion-like texture. It’s light like a powder but melts into the skin like a cream and allows you to build customizable color from sheer to bold."

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Review | IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50+

[press samples]

Are you ready to see a CC Cream unlike any other CC Cream out there? This is the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50+ ($38.00), also labelled as "Full Coverage Color Correcting Cream, Anti-Aging serum, plus Broad Spectrum Physical Only SPF 50+ all in one!" whew! It wouldn't be an IT Cosmetics product if the title wasn't a mouthful ;) At least they are honest in telling you exactly what you'll get from the product: full coverage, lightweight, moisturizing, and sun protection.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Review | China Glaze Lite Brites

I have had so much fun wearing the Spring 2016 House of Colour collection from China Glaze, that I felt it was totally necessary to buy the new Summer 2016 collection Lite Brites! I knew I was craving bright colors, but I didn't realize I needed neons this much in my nail life ;) This collection includes every neon shade of the rainbow, plus a few fun shimmer/glitter formulas that pack a stunning punch. Each shade has a demi matte finish pre-top coat, and they all tend to dry quickly so I recommend taking your time when applying to avoid an uneven finish. Every swatch I photographed is two coats with a glossy top coat. I dimmed my lighting setup to photograph these shades as true to color as I could. These shades look more neony in person, but for the most part, I was able to edit these photos to look *almost* exact.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Review | PUR Sun-Kissed Glow Strobe Palette

I bought the new PUR Sun-Kissed Glow Strobe/Highlight Palette ($34.00) at The Makeup Show in March and have been obsessively using it nearly every day! This palette features three naturally flattering cream highlight shades, this palette is a deeper tone than their Moonlight Glow, and honestly I should have purchased both of them because I love the formula so much on my skin. I will wear this palette on no makeup days, when I just want to look lively, as well as full makeup days when I want an all over glowy skin look.
"Strobing brings a new dimension to facial contouring for instant luminescence. Highlight and define with three coordinating shades to create a custom, lit-from-within look for any skin tone. The silky cream glides onto skin for buildable, streak-free coverage and transforms quickly to a powdery, transfer-resistant finish. Infused with our proprietary, age-defying Ceretin Complex, a glowing, youthful-looking complexion has never been so easy."

Friday, May 13, 2016

Review | Pacifica Polish Trio Spring 2016

[press samples]

Pacifica is known for their natural, cruelty free, and vegan products - this season they have launched a new 7-free* nail polish trio set available in Ulta stores for $22.00, individually the bottles are $9.00 each. When this pack arrived I squealed inside because there's nothing I love more than blue nail polishes! I  am already a big fan of their nail polish quality and shades, I used to have a ton of their colors before I had to slim down my collection while moving last year. The quality of these three new shades is just as lovely, easy to apply, self leveling, and very rich in color.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Review | It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil

[press sample]

If you have been following my blog or Youtube channel from way back in the day when I first started, you might recognize the cult favorite It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($24.00). This used to be the only brow product I wore from 2011 threw 2014, pretty much until I started trying other brow products to review and feature. It is an honestly universal shade of taupe that can be sheered down for blonde or grey hairs or built up for red or brown or black hairs. It also lasts forever! My last full size one lasted me till 2015, that's like four years worth of product, maybe two years if you fill in your brows every day. I also LOVE the spoolie end, it aids to blend out the pencil lines into a softened natural look.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Nail Art | We Got The Beet

The China Glaze Lite Brites Summer 2016 collection arrived on Wednesday and I couldn't resist swatching the entire collection ASAP as well as redo my week's manicure to wear one of the new shades :) This is two coats of We Got The Beet, stamped with some line work flowers on top with OCC Feathered. I LOVE the golden flecks shining through!!

Monday, May 02, 2016

Nail Art | Dried Flowers & French Tips

Spring makes me think of Scott McKenzie's San Francisco, which inspired these nails that I've been daydreaming of for a month or so. I used a set of dried flowers layered between two coats of thick gel top coat, set on top of a french manicure using Londontown Duchess. <3

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Review | Unwash Gentle Hair Care

[pr samples]

I have previously reviewed Unwash's Bio-Cleansing Conditioner (here), and since I recently acquired a few more of their products, I figured I would do an overall review of the line and each product I have been using. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have healthy straight hair with natural silkiness and shine, however, I suffer from very dry scalp and have found it difficult to find hair care that can keep both my scalp and hair happy. Once I started using the Unwash products, I've noticed my scalp is more hydrated, less dryness, less flaking, and no buildup. I find myself not even missing a shampoo when I'm using Unwash products :)

UPDATE 5/19/16: Unwash is now available in Ulta stores, as well as the Ulta website!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Instagram Beauty Trends & Filters

We have come to a point in the current trending beauty community, where we see tutorials every day for makeup applications and techniques - and frankly it has all gotten out of control. Personally, I am turned off by the excessive amount of makeup these influencers are layering onto their faces. They portray this "makeup routine" as if this is the way to wear makeup, and with thousands and millions of subscribers, they are setting a trend for other men and women to follow.

Majority of the online beauty community edits their makeup photos. They use apps on their phones to smooth the skin of pores and lines, tweak the levels of brightness, contrast, etc. to enhance the shadows and concentration in the photos. Some use high end cameras and photoshop to take it to a whole other editorial level. All of this is fun to play around with - but I feel that if you are an influencer putting out tutorials on makeup application and techniques, your work should not be so highly edited because essentially you are displaying something that is unattainable... sound familiar to those photoshopped models in magazines we all used to complain about?

Friday, April 01, 2016

Review | ELF Cream Blush Palettes

Ever since ELF released their powder Blush Palettes (reviewed here), I've been internally wishing for these Cream Blush Palettes ($6.00) to come out, mainly because I like to layer cream blush and powder blush for longer wearing color, but I also LOVE ELF's HD Blushes, the cream blushes in pump bottles, so I was anxious to see if these cream blushes were comparable in vibrancy and blendability. Luckily, these cream blushes do not disappoint, OMG they are so good!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nail Art | Jody Candrian Inspired

I was thumbing through my neverending pile of magazines this week and I spotted this mesmerizing cuff bracelet from Jody Candrian. I'm not sure what stone it is, I couldn't find any mention of the materials she used to make this cuff. I ripped it out of my magazine and decided to recreate it on my nails. This was the biggest nail art project I've done in a long time. I did a couple versions before I had my friends help me decide on this style.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Review | ELF Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette

These new ELF 10 pan Eyeshadow Palettes are really good quality compared to all the other palettes they've done over the years (I swatched all of them here). I really hope they continue to expand this line with more themed palettes and colorful variations. Today I'm reviewing the Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette ($10.00) that is currently restocked. This palette is the ultimate Spring vibe, with soft pinks and golds, in a mix of matte and shimmer shadows.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Event | The Makeup Show: On The Floor

This past weekend I attended The Makeup Show in Los Angeles, March 19th and 20th. The Makeup Show is THE best show in the industry, you can read more about the LA show here. Like the totally professional blogger that I am, I forgot my DSLR camera at home, so I could only take a limited amount of photos with my Samsung Note 5. I really wish I could have photographed every booth at the show, but I decided to sit in on all the Keynote speakers instead. So, here's a glance at some of the brands and products we saw this year:

Brand new Make Up For Ever Aqua XL waterproof liner pencils, stunning shades and rich in color! Set to release next month! :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Review | ELF Day to Night Lipstick Duo

Get ready to see a ton of photos of my face! :)
ELF Cosmetics has a new lipstick line on the website, and I'm very excited about these Day to Night Lipstick Duos ($6) because they are pretty genius and I'm thrilled they are all vibrant and bold lip colors - just my style!
"This dual-ended lipstick conveniently has a beautiful soft shade for day and a bolder shade for night. The velvety satin formula is enriched with Shea, and Vitamins A, C, and E to help nourish and hydrate."

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review | China Glaze House of Colour

China Glaze is a brand I have loved for years, way before I started blogging, I would always go to a nail salon that offered China Glaze polishes. I even remember falling in love with a purple black shade in like the early 2000's, and to this day I'm always looking for it or a comparable shade. *someday*

Today I have the Spring 2016 House of Colour collection to share with you all. I couldn't find an official press release for the collection, but I did see this little description from their Facebook page:
"Free your mind and travel back to a time when far out style and free spirited attitudes converged for one colourful explosion. This Spring China Glaze introduces House of Colour, a collection celebrating the independent vibes of this eclectic era."
And some other bloggers, who reviewed the collection when it launched, stated that House of Colour is inspired by the 1970's - one of my favorite decades of fashion and color.

I actually stumbled across this collection when I noticed Ulta was having a sale on China Glaze nail polishes on their website, I immediately ordered the whole line and anxiously awaited their arrival. I've been wearing them non stop since they arrived, and I'm very pleased with the variety of colors, formulas, and how well they all can be paired up together. I'm totally infatuated with the House of Colour line!!

Monday, March 07, 2016

Review | ELF Cream Contour Palette

The ELF Cream Contour Palette ($6) is sooooo good! :)
Does anyone remember my disappointed review on their Foundation Palettes? I had hoped they would be versatile to use as cream contours, but the formula fell short as contour and as foundation. Well, it seems the ingredients in the Cream Contour Palette are greatly improved to make application, blending, and longevity much smoother and seamless.
"The buildable pigmented colors are great for contouring, shading, sculpting, and brightening the eyes, cheekbones, nose and jawline to slim and enhance features. Features 3 bronzers for contouring, and 1 brightening shade."

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Review | Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

[pr samples]
(L-R) Y215 Yellow Alabaster, Y235 Ivory Beige, Y255 Sand Beige, 118 = Y325 Flesh, 127 = Y335 Dark Sand, 125 = Y315 Sand

Make Up For Ever was the first brand I ever heard of to produce HD (high definition) makeup, creating products that looked flawless on HD cameras. Last year they revamped their cult favorite HD Foundation into the new Ultra HD Foundation ($43.00) to maintain their flawless look for 4K Technology - the next generation of digital devices. This means with the high detailed resolution, clarity and color, on screen makeup will still look flawless and undetectable.
"My goal was to cope with the new 4k technology while keeping the main benefits of HD Foundation. Ultra HD Foundation had to meet the perfection needs of pros as well as the everyday needs of all women.”—Dany Sanz, MAKE UP FOR EVER Founder and Creative Director.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review | The Jojoba Company - Pure Jojoba & Hand Cream

[pr samples]

The Jojoba Company specializes in featuring 100% natural Australian jojoba in their skincare products. Jojoba is a natural ingredient that is good for the skin, they have a whole page on their website dedicated to Jojoba information and benefits. Here are some key points in understanding its importance in skincare:
  • Jojoba will hydrate and nourish skin
  • Jojoba can work on the deeper layers where the cell regeneration and cell synthesis occurs
  • Jojoba replenishes the wax produced naturally in young healthy skin
  • Jojoba also protects what is added to it so jojoba is able to carry important nutrients with it deep into skin to support skin health
  • Jojoba is naturally antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic

I found this tidbit the most interesting:
100% pure liquid wax esters make up to 50% of the mass of jojoba beans. Wax esters make up to 30% of the sebum produced in young, healthy skin. They kill germs, smother viruses, keep sebum liquid and flowing, naturally condition hair and create the barrier in skin that stops moisture from escaping from deeper living skin cells.

I started using the 100% Natural Australian Jojoba ($14.95) as my nighttime moisturizer. I would apply about 2-3 pumps of it all over my face and neck, sleep with it over night and wake up with supple glowing skin. It has no scent, so I found it very easy to wear daily. There is no greasy residue, I'm pretty sure the skin absorbs it completely because within a few minutes you can't tell I applied an oil to my face. I've even applied makeup right on top and it did not break down the products or make my skin oily.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review | NYC Metro Girl Handmade Makeup Brush Cleaner Kit

[pr sample]

Makeup brushes must always be clean before touching your face - this will minimize bacteria buildup and facial blemishes. There are many quick-cleanse products out there like Parian Spirit and Cinema Secrets brush cleaners. These are liquid cleaners that you can dip or spray onto your brush, swirl it on a towel and let dry within minutes. A liquid brush cleaner is great for daily use as a fast cleanse to sanitize your brushes after makeup application.

Taking it to the next level, I recommend a deep clean at least once a month - I usually do this at the beginning of each month. This is when you use a gentle soap to wash your brushes thoroughly and massage out all the product build up that can get down in the center of the brush head bristles. A standard soap will be too harsh, it should be a gentle formula with conditioning properties. Think baby shampoos and gentle bar soaps.

NYC Metro Girl has just released the new handmade Makeup Brush Cleaner ($7). A delicate formula that will break up powder and cream product build up while featuring coconut oil to condition the bristles for a soft and like-new feel. The Brush Cleaner includes a 2 oz. jar of soap and comes in four scent options - unscented, lavender's kiss, desire, and tea tree oil.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Recipe | Roasted Brussel Sprouts

I think it's safe to say that most people dislike brussel sprouts... you know, when they've been steamed and taste like bitter baby cabbages (the taste comes from an organic sulfur compound). I have hated them my entire life, I never understood why people ate them. But then I experienced the mouthwatering roasted brussel sprout. That's right - I *now* LOVE BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!

Brussel Sprouts are indeed related to cabbage, they are high is Vitamin C and Vitamin K, as well as B Vitamins like Folic Acid and Vitamin B6.

This is a great side dish or snack, and an easy way for adults and children to enjoy eating brussel sprouts.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Review | Anastasia Self-Made Eyeshadow Palette

A few weeks ago I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Eyeshadow Palette ($35.00), mainly because I LOVED the World Traveler Palette so much, I was immediately drawn to the array of colors and textures in this new palette. The ABH eye shadows have a rich quality that I am obsessed with - so much so, that I've debated on buying their single shadows this year. They are smooth to the touch, pick up a lot of color, and they blend so easy and consistent.
"This palette features 14 shades - ranging from a neutral taupe to obsidian black - that deliver intense color so you can create an endless array of custom looks." 

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Review | Goslings Original ChopSaver Lip Care

[pr sample]

Just hear me out, yes, I'm doing a review on a tube of lip balm, but it's for a very good reason. When I was offered a pr sample of the Goslings Original ChopSaver Lip Care ($3.99), I browsed the website and was automatically intrigued about the product. The all-natural, herbal lip care, ChopSaver, was developed by professional trumpet player, Dan Gosling, in his own kitchen. Motivated by the natural healing agent derived from sunflowers, Arnica, he concocted the perfect formula to also include organic ingredients Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Avocado Oil, Aloe, Citrus Oils, and Grapeseed Oil (see ingredient list here*).

Not only is his lip balm highly touted by musicians who no longer need to worry about chapping, soreness or inflammation, ChopSaver is also recommended by doctors as a Petroleum and gluten-free lip care that is long lasting and soothing. Their is also the ChopSaver SPF 15 lip balm for outdoor protection.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Recipe | Radish Avocado Sandwich

I have been craving radishes for a while now, and when Safeway had them on sale two bundles for three dollars, I couldn't ignore my cravings any longer. They looked so good! I have been trying to eat breakfast every day, I usually just make my coffee and get to work while I make sure my kids eat a good breakfast - I know, that's a bad habit. Well, this weekend I was making my toast and goat cheese one morning and I decided to slice up some ripe avocado to put on top, then I remembered those mouthwatering radishes I bought, so I sliced those up too. I cracked some salt and pepper on top and turned it into a sandwich. I must say, this is going to be a staple breakfast sandwich for me, it was so delicious and fresh. I think I'll buy some sprouts next time I'm at the store, I think that might be a nice addition.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mount Tamalpais | 1/10/16

This Sunday I spent the day with my girlfriends, we drove out to San Francisco and did some light walking around Mount Tamalpais, elevation is about 2500 feet. We were almost at the very top, so all these photos I took were looking out where the Pacific Ocean meets the San Francisco Bay. The air was amazing, so refreshing and full of moisture from the mist and fog. We hope to return soon and spend more time up there and hike more trails around the peak.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review | Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation

[pr sample]

Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation ($66.00) is a very special kind of makeup. It is designed for doctors to cover up imperfections and heal the skin; "skin injuries, wounds, rashes, cracked, dry skin, acne scars, rosacea and other skin conditions. On post-surgical scars, patients are re-assured and impressed that after care includes safely camouflaging any evidence of surgery. 'Ceravitae', the super charged oxygen complex in Breathable foundation, proliferates collagen cell and connective tissue growth in aging or wounded skin.". That's just the beginning of the laundry list of benefits and pros this foundation has:
  • Non-Comedogenic (it won't clog pores)
  • Oil-Free
  • Fragrance -Free
  • Organically certified ingredients
  • Contains SPF 25 (for UVA/UVB sun protection)
  • Not drying - allows retention of natural fluids - even following aggressive resurfacing.
  • Hypoallergenic (less allergic reactions than with other cosmetics)
  • Non-irritating to sensitive skin (safe to use it after most cosmetic procedures)

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Recipe | Top Round Steak with Pan Sauce & Roasted Vegetables

I can easily get tired of eating all the steaks my husband requests, so I've started to branch out and try new recipes of steak dishes. Recently, we stumbled across this Steak with Pan Sauce recipe, that I lightly tweaked to fit our taste, and it turned out to be a hit! My kids, 3 & 5 years old, are not fans of eating meat unless it is juicy and flavorful (and low in marbling). Luckily, this pan sauce meets their high standards. For this recipe, we chose a Top Round Steak, which is very hearty, with minimal fat marbling - easiest for my kids little teeth to chew. A colorful Roasted Vegetable side dish pairs nicely with this thick steak.

I would love to hear if you tried this recipe, and how you made it your own.