Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review | NYC Metro Girl Handmade Makeup Brush Cleaner Kit

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Makeup brushes must always be clean before touching your face - this will minimize bacteria buildup and facial blemishes. There are many quick-cleanse products out there like Parian Spirit and Cinema Secrets brush cleaners. These are liquid cleaners that you can dip or spray onto your brush, swirl it on a towel and let dry within minutes. A liquid brush cleaner is great for daily use as a fast cleanse to sanitize your brushes after makeup application.

Taking it to the next level, I recommend a deep clean at least once a month - I usually do this at the beginning of each month. This is when you use a gentle soap to wash your brushes thoroughly and massage out all the product build up that can get down in the center of the brush head bristles. A standard soap will be too harsh, it should be a gentle formula with conditioning properties. Think baby shampoos and gentle bar soaps.

NYC Metro Girl has just released the new handmade Makeup Brush Cleaner ($7). A delicate formula that will break up powder and cream product build up while featuring coconut oil to condition the bristles for a soft and like-new feel. The Brush Cleaner includes a 2 oz. jar of soap and comes in four scent options - unscented, lavender's kiss, desire, and tea tree oil.

The soap is very easy to use and the handmade formula doesn't dry out when stored or dissolve away during the brush washing process. One night I had over 100 makeup brushes to wash, with a variety of grime from liquid foundations, creams, powders, even waterproof gel liners, and creamy lip colors. I had a full range of mediums to wash away, luckily the NYC Metro Girl Brush Cleaner works like a charm! After a couple hours, I had 100+ clean and conditioned makeup brushes, and I still had more than half the original soap bar left in the jar. It was gentle enough to use on my expensive natural hair brushes, as well as my synthetic brushes. None of my brushes had any traces of makeup, not even staining on my white bristled brushes.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the NYC Metro Girl Brush Cleaner, and I love the scent I received, Lavender's Kiss. Most soaps can dry out the bristles and feel rough or scratchy on the skin - but the coconut oil in this soap really conditions and preserves the quality of the bristles after washing.

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Check out my article on the NYC Metro Girl blog here, I'm sharing tips on how to deep clean your brushes, and sanitary ways to store your tools.