Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review | China Glaze House of Colour

China Glaze is a brand I have loved for years, way before I started blogging, I would always go to a nail salon that offered China Glaze polishes. I even remember falling in love with a purple black shade in like the early 2000's, and to this day I'm always looking for it or a comparable shade. *someday*

Today I have the Spring 2016 House of Colour collection to share with you all. I couldn't find an official press release for the collection, but I did see this little description from their Facebook page:
"Free your mind and travel back to a time when far out style and free spirited attitudes converged for one colourful explosion. This Spring China Glaze introduces House of Colour, a collection celebrating the independent vibes of this eclectic era."
And some other bloggers, who reviewed the collection when it launched, stated that House of Colour is inspired by the 1970's - one of my favorite decades of fashion and color.

I actually stumbled across this collection when I noticed Ulta was having a sale on China Glaze nail polishes on their website, I immediately ordered the whole line and anxiously awaited their arrival. I've been wearing them non stop since they arrived, and I'm very pleased with the variety of colors, formulas, and how well they all can be paired up together. I'm totally infatuated with the House of Colour line!!

First up is Let's Chalk About It, a classic pink hued white creme with a lovely formula that almost looked opaque in one coat. For the swatch photo below I applied two coats, without a top coat. I love shades of white, and the slight pinky tint makes this shade very clean and feminine. I've worn this twice already and I plan to wear it a lot this year.

Next we have Girls Just Wanna Have Sun, a sweet pastel yellow creme. This one was on the lighter side and needed three coats for full opacity, but I'm sure if I had shorter nails, two coats would have been sufficient. This shade is perfect for Spring! I'm already envisioning a dainty floral print with this color.

The is Sorry I'm Latte, the most perfect beige tan with a tiny pull of pink - this shade looks so chic on my skintone, and that pinkiness, I feel, makes it wearable without looking like a mannequin. Beige colors like this are a great palate cleanser. My swatch here is two coats, no top coat.

Pink Or Swim is a pretty bubblegum pink creme, perfect two coat formula. This is my favorite shade of pink to wear! I was all sorts of giddy inside when I first swatched this color. I plan on using it in my next pedicure. Swatch is two coats, no top coat.

Now for a change of pace, here's a fun metallic shade, Chrome Is Were The Heart Is. This is a pink tinted silver with amazing coverage! I did two coats here just for good measure, but the first coat look fantastic too. I am very excited to use this shade in some nail art, I think it would be fun in nail stamping too. Metallic polishes usually have some visible brush strokes, but they looked pretty minor after I added a top coat.

Let's talk about the jelly-cremes! This one is Don't Be Shallow, a sky blue jelly creme that looks so good I wish I could eat it. For the swatch I did three coats to build up the opacity, but I prefer two coats where you can faintly see my nail line underneath the color. I LOVE to use this shade in a jelly sandwich with the two glitter shades in this line... but I'll show those pics later on ;)

Next jelly-creme is called About Layin' Out, a bright and fun coral that actually just needed two coats, and is also good for sandwiching - but my favorite way to wear it is on top of Let's Chalk About It because it turns it into an almost-neon shade that really screams 'Spring!' to me. Corals are iconic for Spring and Summer, so I imagine I'll be getting a ton of use out of this shade.

Last jelly-creme is In The Near Fuchsia, a bright fuchsia, another two coater and also great for sandwiching. This one looks good all on its own, so rich and bold. I tried it on top of Let's Chalk About It too and it has that same almost-neon look to it. I imagine it would look killer in a sponged gradient with About Layin' Out.

Now for some shimmers! This one is Shut The Front Door, a pink/purple with pink shimmer. I'm not a purple fan, but I think this one is a good combo with the pink shimmers. I liked the formula, I used two coats here for the swatch. The shimmers have a nice effect, but I think I would have liked the pink to pop a little more against the purpley color.

The other shimmer shade is called Come Rain of Shine, this is a cobalt blue with pink shimmers, great coverage in two coats as well. The pink shimmers, I'm not a fan, they sort of dull the punch of the gorgeous blue, and they don't show through as strong as I'd like them to. It's a nice shade, just not my favorite - which is a shame because cobalt blues are my life.

Finally, here are the fun glitter polishes of the collection. This first one is hands down the MVP of the collection, Moonlight The Night, a clear base with micro and small sized hexagons in translucent shades of pink, blue, purple, and color shifting iridescence. These are not metallic glitters, and I absolutely love it because it is so unique to my collection. I swatched two coats on my pinky nail, and then one coat on top of three different colors to show the a mini variety. I honestly fell in love with Moonlight The Night on top of Let's Chalk About It, and ended up wearing that as my manicure last week - it was bright and colorful and perfect!

Here are those jelly sandwiches I was talking about earlier. I did one coat of color, followed by one coat of glitter, finished with another coat of color on top. I really like the effect it has, like speckled sweet treats.

The other glitter polish is called Glitter Me This..., a clear base with micro, small, medium, and large hexagons in matte white, matte baby pink, and metallic gold. Holymoly this glitter polish is so pretty! I love that it's a neutral glitter combo, which is why I went for the more neutral-toned polishes to swatch underneath this one - except the blue (that combo I really dislike, I should have used Pink Or Swim instead). The pinky nail is two coats. I actually adore it with Sorry I'm Latte, they were totally made for each other, that will be an upcoming manicure for sure.