Monday, March 07, 2016

Review | ELF Cream Contour Palette

The ELF Cream Contour Palette ($6) is sooooo good! :)
Does anyone remember my disappointed review on their Foundation Palettes? I had hoped they would be versatile to use as cream contours, but the formula fell short as contour and as foundation. Well, it seems the ingredients in the Cream Contour Palette are greatly improved to make application, blending, and longevity much smoother and seamless.
"The buildable pigmented colors are great for contouring, shading, sculpting, and brightening the eyes, cheekbones, nose and jawline to slim and enhance features. Features 3 bronzers for contouring, and 1 brightening shade."

The ELF Cream Contour Palette holds four shades, a brightening yellow, and three brown tones that you can mix to customize a shade or wear as is. The browns all seem pretty warm, but once you blend them out you can see a slight tone difference in them.  In my demo photos, I have used the darkest shade, a cooler brown, to contour underneath my cheekbones and along my jawline. I used the mid-brown shade, a warmer tone, to contour my hair line (in place of a bronzer). I used the lightest brown, a more neutral tone, to contour my nose and mouth. Lastly, I applied the yellow brightening shade on my forehead, brow bones, bridge of the nose, under my eyes, in my smile lines, tops of the cheekbones, and chin. I used the dense synthetic brushes that ELF recently added to their collection to blend and buff; Contouring Brush, Sculpting Face Brush, Selfie Ready Brushes.

I really love the way the Cream Contour Palette sits on the skin, it is creamy and very easy to sheer out, build up, mix shades, and blend edges. I have been really enjoying wearing the powder Contour Palette on top of the cream contouring for an even more dimensional look. I think the finish is the main selling point for me. It is not dry or clingy to dry areas, yet it doesn't crease or require to be set - although I always recommend setting cream makeups for longevity reasons. It has a satin type finish, which I have not found to disrupt those days I want a full matte look or a glowy dewy look. Overall, I give it two thumbs up - the versatility is great, the price is great, and I think the shade options are workable for many skin tones. I do hope they come out with a cooler option though ;)