Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nail Art | Jody Candrian Inspired

I was thumbing through my neverending pile of magazines this week and I spotted this mesmerizing cuff bracelet from Jody Candrian. I'm not sure what stone it is, I couldn't find any mention of the materials she used to make this cuff. I ripped it out of my magazine and decided to recreate it on my nails. This was the biggest nail art project I've done in a long time. I did a couple versions before I had my friends help me decide on this style.

I used the alcohol water marbling technique for this design - this is where you add a few drops of nail polish to a glass of room temperature water, then spray rubbing alcohol (or in my case, I used Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume sample because I don't have rubbing alcohol or hairspray that isn't in an aerosol can) which creates a veining look to the nail polish. I slathered Cuticula Liquid Nail Tape all over my fingers, this makes clean up easy peasy (prevents nail polish from getting on your skin), and then I dipped my nails in the water to pick up the veiny polish and VOILA! Stone-esque nails :)

The base color is Covergirl XL Nail Gel in Bodacious Berry, topped with Barielle Secret Desire
The veining is OCC Pool Boy and Zoya Ziv

Base coat is Duri Rejuvacote
Top coat is Londontown Protective Top Coat
Cuticula Liquid Nail Tape
ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen