Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Review | Unwash Gentle Hair Care

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I have previously reviewed Unwash's Bio-Cleansing Conditioner (here), and since I recently acquired a few more of their products, I figured I would do an overall review of the line and each product I have been using. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have healthy straight hair with natural silkiness and shine, however, I suffer from very dry scalp and have found it difficult to find hair care that can keep both my scalp and hair happy. Once I started using the Unwash products, I've noticed my scalp is more hydrated, less dryness, less flaking, and no buildup. I find myself not even missing a shampoo when I'm using Unwash products :)

UPDATE 5/19/16: Unwash is now available in Ulta stores, as well as the Ulta website!

Dry Cleanser ($28.00)
  • Lightweight formula leaves no residue on strands
  • Volcanic ash absorbs excess oil
  • Vitamin E and panthenol condition & strengthen strands
  • Natural extracts nurture hair
  • Leaves hair bouncy, shiny, and voluminous
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • Ideal for all hair types & textures
REVIEW: I really like this dry shampoo, I have been using it consistently on my second day hair and I love that it does not leave a white cast to my hair, nor does it attract buildup. I also appreciate the subtle scent because I'm pretty sensitive to fragrances, but this scent does not induce a migraine. Sometimes I use this on clean hair when I want some extra volume.

Bio-Cleansing Conditioner ($36.00)
  • Replaces shampoo
  • Protects color-treated hair
  • Free of harsh sulfates & parabens
  • Moisturizing, non-strip cleanser
  • Ideal for color-treated hair
  • For all hair types & textures
REVIEW: I'm totally in love with this cleansing conditioner, my scalp is so content and my hair has body without feeling static or heavy. I believe this will be a staple in my shower for years. Of course, I already reviewed this product here too.

Anti-Residue Rinse ($32.00)
  • Gently removes build-up from styling aids & leave-ins
  • Free of harsh sulfates & parabens
  • Protects hair integrity
REVIEW: This was a tricky product to figure out for my scalp and hair. I do like the idea of having a shampoo-esque product to clarify once a week, but I noticed that if I put this on my scalp it is too stripping and will trigger my dry and flaky issues. So, I've learned to use a small amount on the length of my hair once a week to remove any build up I may have from styling products.

Hydrating Masque ($34.00)
  • Creates intense moisture balance
  • Replenishes lost hydration
  • Smooths & softens
  • Once-a-week treatment
REVIEW: This stuff is amazing! The cleansing conditioner is plenty hydrating, but on days when I use the anti-residue rinse, I will put this masque on my scalp to use as a deep treatment. I would say this is ideal for those with very dry or damaged hair, it is a luxurious treatment.