Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Review | China Glaze Lite Brites

I have had so much fun wearing the Spring 2016 House of Colour collection from China Glaze, that I felt it was totally necessary to buy the new Summer 2016 collection Lite Brites! I knew I was craving bright colors, but I didn't realize I needed neons this much in my nail life ;) This collection includes every neon shade of the rainbow, plus a few fun shimmer/glitter formulas that pack a stunning punch. Each shade has a demi matte finish pre-top coat, and they all tend to dry quickly so I recommend taking your time when applying to avoid an uneven finish. Every swatch I photographed is two coats with a glossy top coat. I dimmed my lighting setup to photograph these shades as true to color as I could. These shades look more neony in person, but for the most part, I was able to edit these photos to look *almost* exact.

First up is Lip Smackin' Good, a bright soft pink with a super secret and hardly able to see in real life let alone in my swatch photo, fine pink shimmer. It applies like a dream, and it looks super adorable! My 5 year old daughter, Madilyn, said it looks like her pink Barbie and pink unicorn :)

Next is Bite Me, an incredibly bright coral pink with subtle orange shimmer, I like this shade A LOT, but I kinda wish the orange shimmer was popping more because you can hardly see it in real life. I absolutely love how bright and neon this shade is! I looks to glow in the evening, without really being a glow in the dark.

This is I'll Pink To That, a neon fuchsia pink creme, extremely vivid and rich in color. This is one of my favorites, and my current manicure. I'm not usually a fan of pinks, but this is so vibrant I can't stop staring at it! This will be my next pedicure color for sure :)

Moving on from the pinks, this is Hot Flash, a vibrant maraschino red. I'm actually surprised that this is the brightest shade of red I own, and I have a couple other bottles that used to be my go-to for a stand-out red manicure. I've worn this once already, as well as my daughter, we both love it!

Are you ready for this? Here is Papa Don't Peach, ultra neon carrot orange packed full of golden flecky particles. They are not exactly metallic glitters, they have a bronzed beach babe glow and against the super bright orange base, they have a powerful POP! This is a mesmerizing shade that I'm dying to wear, but not sure if I should pair it with a gold glitter or Summery nail stamp? It will be worn soon though! :)

One more orangey shade, this is None of Your Risky Business, a milky processed cheese yellowy orange creme... yeah, I really don't know what else to compare it too LOL! It reminds me of the Crayola Crayon Mac n Cheese color. In real life it pulls a pinch more orange, but because of how bright it is, I couldn't edit the image to accurately depict the color tone. I'm envisioning sunset gradients with this baby soon.

Here is Whip it Good, a milky banana cream yellow creme, this one looks more highlighter yellow in the bottle, but it wears a bit darker and leans much more yellow. It is actually really fun to wear and I want to use it in a sponged gradient look soon. It can be played up as a neon if you pair it with other neon like shades.

One of my unexpected favorites, this is Lime after Lime, a 90's neon lime green creme. This reminds me of every windbreaker, 3-ring binder, and glittery plastic stationary item I had as a kid. I've never been one for tribal print, but my heart wants to stripe this color up with an inky black print on top. It would also look gorgeous paired with Lip Smackin' Good for some fun 90's art ;)

Sadly, this is the only blue of the bunch, What I Like About Blue, a bright aqua blue with a fine champagne frosty finish. This one isn't my favorite, and I'm a massive blue fanatic. The blue looks gorgeous, but that champagne frost dulls the vibrancy and it just doesn't scream Summer to me. I attempted to wear a full manicure with it, but it just wasn't feeding my bright craving like I hoped it would.

Now for the purples, this one is Let's Jam, a lilac purple with a blue-purple shimmer. It's a lovely shade, I'm just not into light purples like this, however, my daughter loves purple and this is her favorite shade of this collection! I do like the pop of shimmer, it's a fun twist to a delicate shade.

Here's a mind trip, I Got a Blue Attitude, a blurple creme - that's like a blue leaning purple. In real life, this looks darker and more purple, but no matter how I photographed this swatch and tried to color correct in editing, it looks too blue in the picture. Which is why I'm calling it a blurple, it's a fun mind game ;)

Last one is We Got the Beet, a creme-jelly plum purple packed with glistening gold reflective particles - not really glitters, more like itty bitty flecks. The depth of this polish is unreal! I had this shade on for over a week, it looked even more majestic in person. This is definitely the All Star of the collection!