Monday, June 20, 2016

Review | Billion Dollar Brows - Brows on Point Micro Pencil & Brow Powder

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Over the past month and a half I've been receiving many compliments on my brows, and aside from slightly rounding my arches more, I've been using some new products that I'm very excited to say have been and probably will be my go-to products! I'm talking about the Billion Dollar Brows Brows on Point Micro Pencil ($16.00, 4 shades) and the Brow Powder ($18.00, 4 shades). Billion Dollar Brows is a brand I've featured before on my websites when I reviewed their Best Seller's Kit ($35.00) which you can read HERE. However, these two products are very new to me, and even better than the Best Seller's Kit items, in my honest and personal opinion :)

The BDB Brows on Point Micro Pencils are available in 4 shades - Blonde, Light Brown, Taupe, and Raven. The formula is waterproof so it will not smudge all day and night, and believe me, I've put them through many tests of playing with my kids, being out in the hot sun, and wearing them from early morning to late night. The tip is super fine, making it very easy to work with. I can do singular strokes to mimic natural hairs, or I can create crisp lines to reshape my brows and straighten my edges. The Micro Pencils are nicely pigmented where you can apply a light handed amount for a subtle look, or build up the color for a bold look. With a creamy texture, these pencils can be blended out so nicely, without patches or build up on the hair. If you can't tell by now, I really love the BDB Micro Pencils, they are really great quality, easy to work with, and the shades are realistic. While I like both shades for different styles of makeup, the Raven shade is a perfect match for my black haired brows. I love that I can pull off a natural brow look because Raven blends in so well with my hair color. Taupe is definitely a warmer brown than Raven, but I think it is perfect for brunettes.

The BDB Brow Powders are also available is 4 shades - Blonde, Light Brown, Taupe, and Raven. These powders have a smooth and silky feel, so they sit on the skin very softly for a natural look. You can definitely build up color, but it will always look gentler than the Micro Pencils - which is ideal for those with softer brow shapes and colors. Most times I use the powders on no-makeup days when I just want to fill in the balder spots in my brows. No one can tell I'm wearing makeup in my brows! Sometimes, I'll even use the Brow Powders for the front portion of my brows, and use the Micro Pencils for the tails that I want to look more defined.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Billion Dollar Brows Brows on Point Micro Pencils, they are definitely my favorite! I feel that with the Micro Pencils and the Brow Powders, you can achieve any brow style you want and still look realistic and polished. Plus side, they are pretty affordable too ;)