Thursday, June 16, 2016

Review | ELF Precision Sponge Trio

I have a pretty exciting rave review to share with you all today. This little beauty sponge set is the new ELF Precision Sponge Trio ($12.00), a set of three sponges in different sizes - I like to call them large, medium, and small. If you remember the pink beauty sponge they launched a while ago, I had such high hopes for it but it turned out super stiff and chemical scented - I now use it for crafting to be honest. When I purchased the sponge trio I was really hoping these would be better than the stiff pink one - and boy oh boy am I impressed!! The Precision Sponge Trio is amazing, and I can tell you all right now, you must add them to your cart next time you order from the ELF Website! You will not be disappointed.
"The durable, latex free material allows for a controlled used for flawless application and blending. Three sizes enable precise application for all areas of the face and can be used with cream, liquid, and powder makeup. Use the small size around small areas like the eyes to blend in concealer. Use the medium size for applying color like blush or bronzer. Use the largest size to apply foundation. Reusable and washable."

The ELF Precision Sponges are extremely soft and squishy, like jumbo marshmallows. They are very comfortable to apply makeup with, as I demo in the video I've included in this review, and they perform like a dream. They blend products so smoothly and flawlessly, I used them to do my foundation, concealer, cream bronzer, cream blush, and setting powders - and my makeup looked exceptionally smooth and perfect. I believe I'll be sticking to these sponges for quite a while now, I've already ordered a few more for backups.

Here are photos of the three sponges dry versus dampened, they expanding quickly and significantly increase in size. I do not own a Beauty Blender sponge anymore, so I cannot compare the sizes, but I have a feeling the largest sponge is much bigger than the Beauty Blender.

Large ELF Precision Sponge

Medium ELF Precision Sponge

Small ELF Precision Sponge
 After I filmed my demo video, I washed the ELF Precision Sponges thoroughly. Since they are white I expected to see instant staining, but I'm actually very surprised to see only the foundation and a tiny bit of concealer stained.

Here is the video I filmed of my first impression using the ELF Precision Sponge Trio: