Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Event | The Makeup Show San Francisco Pop-Up Shop

This past weekend my favorite cosmetics show of all time, The Makeup Show, did their second year of the San Francisco Pop-Up Shop. I attended on Saturday, and probably had the best experience I've ever had at one of their shows.

The Pop-Up Shop in SF is smaller than their normal show, it was held at the Hyatt Regency, in the downstairs Pacific Concourse meeting room. I did attend last year's show, but for various reasons, I did not enjoy it (which is why I never mentioned it on here). However, this year's show was amazing! The layout was more spacious, with smaller booths and (I think) more vendors, plus they had a seminar schedule for both Saturday and Sunday. If you didn't already know, TMS seminars are my guilty pleasure every year - industry professionals are on stage to share their wisdom, advice, stories, and demonstrate some of the hottest trends and products.

I arrived on Saturday around noon-ish, after a stop-n-go BART train ride through the San Francisco Bay. I immediately got into blogger mode, and started at the right hand side of the floor to snake my way through the aisles to visit each vendor's booth... until I saw the seminar stage with Emmy nominated artist and SENNA Cosmetics Founder & Creative Director, Eugenia Weston, doing her seminar on The Art of Brows (fun fact: she created the first brow shaping kit!). I've seen her seminar a few times, but it's one of my favorites because she explains how to shape a brow to compliment the facial structure - for women and men.

After the seminar was over, I resumed my mission of checking out each booth. I saw some familiar names like Bdellium Tools, The Body Shop, Inglot, NARS, Besame, Melanie Mills, Muse Beauty, Alcone, Crown Brush, Embryolisse, Make Up For Ever, Cozzette, Glamcor, NYX, Mustaev, SENNA Cosmetics, and Temptu. I also spotted some new-to-me companies, like Bay Area local brand HAN Skin Care Cosmetics, Glo Girl Cosmetics, Ittse, DHC Skincare, TEI Spa Essentials, and Ricky's NYC, and more!

Of course I did some shopping, I think every booth had a special discount for the show, so I made a few purchases here and there:

The highlight of the show was the intimate setting. Due to the smaller floor plan, I was able to have extended conversations with some of the amazing people I met at a few booths. For instance, I met Liana Sundar, a Bay Area native makeup and hair artist, who was working at the HAN Skin Care Cosmetics booth. We discussed the rise of cruelty free cosmetics in the industry, growing popularity in stores and with consumers. I also had an amazing time at the Cozzette booth chatting with Hillis Pugh and Roque Cozzette about everything from their gorgeous vegan makeup brushes, to their stunning new collection of eyeshadows (I bought every single one of them!), to their personal outlooks on life - needless to say, they are my new favorite people to look up to :)

I had a wonderful time at The Makeup Show San Francisco Pop-Up Shop, and I highly recommend looking into it if you are a professional or student looking to expand your education, network, and product knowledge.