Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Review | ELF Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove

Today I have a very quick review on the new ELF Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove ($10), it arrived over the weekend, I washed my makeup brushes that evening and completely fell in love with it!
"This convenient and portable silicone brush cleaner has multiple textures to clean both large and small brushes. Use the larger round texture to lather and wash larger brushes for deep cleaning. Use the wavy texture to cleanse and rinse the brushes along with helping straighten hairs. Use the smaller texture to cleanse and refine smaller brushes. There’s also a small and large brush slot to help straighten brush hairs and to hold brushes to dry after cleansing."
For the last couple years I've been using the Brush Egg to wash my makeup brushes, it's a tiny little silicone "glove" for 2-3 fingers to hold with a textured surface. I've been liking it, but my main issue with it is that my fingers and nails are too long to fit comfortably inside of it, and it fills with water making it slippery to grasp.

The ELF Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove is about the size of my hand, and the strap in the back fits all four of my fingers. For this design feature alone, I'm giving this glove two thumbs up!! I don't really mind my hands getting wet, because it's inevitable, but I LOVE that I don't have to actually grasp it to use it.

The ELF Glove has three different textured zones, raised dots, horizontal grooves, and itty bitty silicone bristles - plus there are two textured slots that help reshape the brush heads when drying. I LOVE this design so much!! It's extremely functional, and the reshaping slots are so handy, all of my brushes looked perfectly shaped when they dried.

Overall, this is a great product and I definitely recommend it! :) I think the price point is pretty good considering some other brands of makeup brush cleaning devices can get ridiculously expensive.