Sunday, January 17, 2016

Recipe | Radish Avocado Sandwich

I have been craving radishes for a while now, and when Safeway had them on sale two bundles for three dollars, I couldn't ignore my cravings any longer. They looked so good! I have been trying to eat breakfast every day, I usually just make my coffee and get to work while I make sure my kids eat a good breakfast - I know, that's a bad habit. Well, this weekend I was making my toast and goat cheese one morning and I decided to slice up some ripe avocado to put on top, then I remembered those mouthwatering radishes I bought, so I sliced those up too. I cracked some salt and pepper on top and turned it into a sandwich. I must say, this is going to be a staple breakfast sandwich for me, it was so delicious and fresh. I think I'll buy some sprouts next time I'm at the store, I think that might be a nice addition.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mount Tamalpais | 1/10/16

This Sunday I spent the day with my girlfriends, we drove out to San Francisco and did some light walking around Mount Tamalpais, elevation is about 2500 feet. We were almost at the very top, so all these photos I took were looking out where the Pacific Ocean meets the San Francisco Bay. The air was amazing, so refreshing and full of moisture from the mist and fog. We hope to return soon and spend more time up there and hike more trails around the peak.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Recipe | Top Round Steak with Pan Sauce & Roasted Vegetables

I can easily get tired of eating all the steaks my husband requests, so I've started to branch out and try new recipes of steak dishes. Recently, we stumbled across this Steak with Pan Sauce recipe, that I lightly tweaked to fit our taste, and it turned out to be a hit! My kids, 3 & 5 years old, are not fans of eating meat unless it is juicy and flavorful (and low in marbling). Luckily, this pan sauce meets their high standards. For this recipe, we chose a Top Round Steak, which is very hearty, with minimal fat marbling - easiest for my kids little teeth to chew. A colorful Roasted Vegetable side dish pairs nicely with this thick steak.

I would love to hear if you tried this recipe, and how you made it your own.